Diversified Real Estate Property Management and Development


We view Customer Service as our number one priority to all of our clients. This includes our property owners, residents, employees and vendors.  By keeping the properties well maintained we protect the owner’s investment and their property values. It is important to us to maintain open communications with the property owners at all times so that they are well informed regarding their investment.  We adhere to strict community policies so that all of our residents have a comfortable and happy environment to call home.  Our employees are our most valued asset and by having a strong working relationship with open communications we are able to enhance their work experience.  We provide ongoing training,   career growth, and mentoring.  All of these items help them to achieve their future career goals within IPM Residential.  By building strong vendor relationships we are able to offer competitive pricing and services that we know will benefit the properties and reduce expenses for the properties.


With the years of experience we bring to the company we offer a strong background in marketing, management, accounting and an owner’s expectations in regards to the properties.


As one of the few all female held Property Management companies, IPM Residential looks forward to a bright future for years to come.

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